UDMRD Activities 2006 - 2007

15th April 2006 Organized a 2 days’ workshop cum awareness program at district & All India level in which 60 participants lectured on different aspects of healthcare in the country.
6th June. 07 The society’s Computer literacy program trained 25 students.
14th Aug. 2006 In the 2 days’ workshop on Animal Welfare Program at North Cachar Hills Dist., 150 locals, students and farmers attended the lectures delivered by well-qualified Veterinary Doctors.
2nd Oct. 2006 UDMRD Society held Adult Education Program for people between 15 to 35 years. 1500 people enrolled form various districts and were counseled for their career related problems.
14th Nov. 2006 The Society operates Embroidery cum tailoring center at Sant Nagar, Burari, where training is provided to 40 women and girls from poor families.
6th Feb. 07 A medical camp was organized at Mukandpur, North Dist., Delhi for polio affected people where specialist doctors examined more than 300 patients.
15th April 2006 The Society organized a traditional Art & Culture program in Tousem, Manipur under the guidance of Mrs. Ibohm. Students took active part in the program that featured traditional Manipuri local songs and dances by the artists.
8th March 07 A program at Mukundpur village attracted large crowds from various villages. Mrs. Salra Samuel shared her precious views on women's problems and strongly advocated education for them & their family.
28th March 07 A law awareness program was also organized where women from all communities were made aware of their rights by our legal expert, Mr. Narender Vaisatha.