• Take care of the most vulnerable first.
  • Foster a culture of Prevention.
  • Integration into development.
  • Equity and Reconstruction.
  • Ensure community involvement.
  • Transparent and inclusive.
  • Efficient and Effective.
  • Multidisciplinary and integrated approach.

President's Message

Disaster is a social phenomenon, as much as physical or economic events for development. Disaster reduction is thus a multidisciplinary process, that includes Environment, Human settlement, Human behavior, Health and Public Administration considerations. Only an integrated approach can have success.

Disasters are not welcome events and usually when they occur, every effort is made to reduce the impact of such events.

The integrated approach should include Administrative Decisions and Operational Activities that involve Prevention, Preparedness, Response, Recovery and Reconstruction at all levels. It must be an ongoing, continuous process.

Disasters are managed in a parallel series of activities rather than in a sequence of actions. The different strands of actions continue side by side. Expanding or contracting as needed.

Our Growth, Employment and Reconstruction strategy will have significant impact on the path that development takes in the country and in the process will improve the quality of life in rural areas, particularly of the poor and socially disadvantageous sections of society.

The need of the hour is speedy socioeconomic progress by means of revamping self-employment/ wage-employment programs, rural water supply and sanitation schemes, land reforms and housing.

We strive hard to make sure risk is reduced to the highest possible level and Disaster Management is proactive and not reactive.

"Challenge is the test of our efficiency."

May God be with us in all our noble endeavors.

Major General V S Karnik, President

Our Team

Major General V S Karnik is the President, UDMRD. Major General Y. Bahl, AVSM, SC is the Chairman cum Vice President, Disaster Management. Lt. Col. P.D Sharma is the driving force, the visionary whose efforts are most visible.
General A.R. Kumar, AVSM, VSM is the Chairman cum Vice President, Rural Development.